Crochetable Desk v3.11

Posted By: Peaches&Kream
Crochetable Desk v3.11

Crochetable Desk v3.11

Are you trying to keep track of your needle stash, current projects, and measurements for friends and family using a mix of a memo pad, address book, and to do list? Are you tired of trying to juggle conversions and yardage estimates in your head or on scraps of paper? There is now an easier way. CrochetAble Desk is the Windows version of our popular Palm OS application, CrochetAble. You can use either one by itself or use both and have them synchronize with one another!

What Can CrochetAble Desk Do and How Do I Use It?

Like CrochetAble, CrochetAble Desk is designed for you to keep track of your personal crochet inventory. Thus, it does not have any built in data other than common abbreviations and terms. Enter your information and then download it to your PDA and take it with you on shopping trips so you never have to try and remember what you already have again.

When you first start CrochetAble Desk, you will see the main screen. To access the various databases and features of CrochetAble Desk, choose an icon from the tool bar:

These icons are for the features of CrochetAble Desk:

Projects Database
Measurements Database
Abbreviations and Terms Database
Hooks Database
Patterns Database
Books and Magazines Database
Yarn Database
Hooks Conversion Chart
Yardage Estimate Calculator
Buttonhole Spacing Calculator
Increase/Decrease Calculator
Metric/English Conversion Calculator
US vs. UK Terms
To navigate the screens, you can use the mouse to right click an item and choose an item from the menu or double click an item to edit it. You can categorize your data using the list on the right side of the window and you can print an individual record (or all the records) by clicking the Printer icon.

Download Crochetable Desk v3.11: (S# is in file)