Crosstrainer 5

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Crosstrainer 5

Crosstrainer 5

Crosstrainer 5
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Designed for people of all fitness levels, Crosstrainer is the world's most complete health and fitness software program.

Crosstrainer is for you if you:
are interested in improving the health, fitness and general wellness or yourself or your family,
want to change your body shape, lose body fat and gain muscle,
want a way to accurately analyse the quality of your meals and workouts
would like to plan any type of physical activity; strength training, aerobic training, body building, weekend sports etc
want a place to track details such as heart monitor readings, amount of sleep, psychological influences, medications, equipment lifecycles and more…

Reinforced Commitment
Stay focused: Monitor your eating habits, track your fitness activities and create and manage your workouts.
Gain motivation: Record your new measurements as you achieve your goals.

Key Benefits
Improve Your Health
Lose Fat / Gain Muscle
Improve Endurance
Increase Energy
Feel Better