CryptoSuite v1.100

Posted By: car001
CryptoSuite v1.100

CryptoSuite v1.100
OS: Windows | 1,6 MB

CryptoSuite is an easy to use, but extremely secure encryption solution package for Windows operating systems.

Here are some key features:

· Extremely secure encryption algorithms used, RSA, RIJNDAEL and TWOFISH.
· Encrypt files and folders into secure archives.
· Make Self Extracting Archives so you can easily send them to friends and family to view the files securely without them needing CryptoSuite installed.
· View encrypted files with security.
· Secure delete files make them unrecoverable from undelete utilities.
· Secure delete free disk space on your drives to remove old files which you didn't secure delete.
· Secure internet/lan messaging client and server.
· Checksumming of files and text
· Low CPU, MEMORY and RESOURCE usage.
· Free benchmark so you can compare computers at Cryptographic operations.
· Easy to use encryption software whilst backed by secure algorithms.

Fully working - Register with name, email and serial number in the nfo file