Curvemeister Curves 2.0.21

Posted By: Pipkin
Curvemeister – плагин для Photoshop, который серьезно улучшает привычный интерфейс работы с кривыми, добавляя богатый набор возможностей, которые привлекут внимание как начинающих, так и профессионалов. Curvemeister может быть легко освоен любым пользователем благодаря возможности использования собственного “мастера” и обучающим материалам. Интерактивный интерфейс мастера проведет шаг за шагом через процесс отбора теней, изменения яркости, нейтральные точки и финальное цветовое пространство. Более опытные пользователи могут насладиться новыми возможностями, которые Curvemeister добавляет к кривым , включая множественное цветовое пространство, поддержку HSB, динамическую гистограмму и другие возможности.

Use the Curvemeister color wizard to learn the basic steps of color correction. Set shadow, highlight, and neutral, correctly and within seconds, in Lab, CMYK, RGB, or HSB without changing the mode of your image. Switch color spaces at any time during a curve operation, without flattening, or changing the mode of your image

Built-in threshold function to locate the shadow and highlight, and to spot clipping immediately in the image window See all of your curves at once
A well-integrated design that flows seamlessly into your normal Photoshop workflow Make the curve window as large as you want, and make adjustments more accurately
Use the Hue clock to judge colors, such as skin tones, instantly and accurately
Use pinning to get a good flesh tone instantly, or to curve an object to any desired color, or match colors from one area of your image to another.
Use floating neutrals to pin a neutral point, and change brightness by adjusting multiple curves at the same time
Full and accurate support for all of Photoshop's color modes, including 8 and 16 bit depths, plus the HSB color space
Unlimited color samples
Optional histogram overlay for each curve
Additional sample size options, including an unlimited sample size.
Optional display of sample information, including additional decimal places, deltaE and standard deviation
More control over curve orientation and curve axis labels
Additional curve features, such as corner fill, and the ability to rotate curves in place.
Copy and paste colors and curves, for sharing, documentation, and discussion
Copy a channel to the clipboard for use elsewhere, for example as a mask
Fantastic software support, including a free one month class on how to use curves.
No product activation!
Many other features: check out the extensive manual, devoted to curves, with detailed examples and descriptions