Custom CMS ver. 3.1

Posted By: Cole
Custom CMS ver. 3.1

Custom CMS ver. 3.1 | Size: 3.8 Mb

Custom Gaming CMS development started in early 2005, and was released to the public in July of that year. Back then the CMS was average at best – but since then ccms has grown into one of the top gamimg cms' out there.

First Release: (v1) July 9, 2005
Second Release: (v2) September 19, 2005
Third Release: (v3) June 30, 2006

Current Features:
• Ad System
- Ad co-ordination
• User Level / Permission system
- Create your own user levels and set user permissions
- Allow access to admin panel, specifiy what they can do and enable / disable ads for different user levels
• Console home pages
- Console specific latest news, top games, articles, latest media
• User System
• Admin Control Panel
• CCMS Forum System
• News System
• Cheats System
• File Database
• Articles
• Blog System
• Media Section
- Upload up to 20 images at a time
- Optional image watermarking with 1 click
• Links Database
• Custom Pages
- For creating pages with any content you like
• Submit System
- Users can submit news, files, articles and media
• Shoutbox
• Rating System
- Top Games and game ranks & worst games (optional)
• Game Index / Profile Page
- Game collection / wishlists, links to articles, files, news and images
- Company profiles with games developed / published and company info
- Now Playing
• Members Online
- Who's online page, and last page viewed
• Private Message System
• Comment System for articles, news, files and media
• Image thumbnailer for fast loading images (Powered by GD2)
• RSS News Output
• Member List
• Mod_Rewrite
• Easy integration into VBulletin/PHPBB
• .css style sheets for easier customization
• Unique page titles for better SEO
• Language friendly
- All phrases are located in a single file so changing from English to x is easy.