Cute And Cuddly ScreenSaver

Posted By: anlokin
Cute And Cuddly ScreenSaver

Cute And Cuddly Screensaver
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Description: Keep your preschoolers attention with our Cute & Cuddly ScreenSaver. Your kids will love watching the animation as Benny Bear and Robby Rabbit float on their raft down the lazy river to discover the world. On their journey they see Billy Beaver, hot air balloons, cows, castle, windmill and a volcano while the fish jump and gentle waves rock the raft. Watch as their friend, Katie Cat floats by in her umbrella boat. The vibrant colors and original design are sure to delight children of all ages. This screensaver also includes a delightful sound track. Upgrade to the premium version for two additional enjoyable scenes. All aboard the C&C train as it moves down the tracks with its cheerful, cuddly passengers including Benny Bear, Meggie Moose, the Roxy Rabbit twins and Farley Fox. The train progresses through the enchanting landscape. The second scene is a desktop clock that keeps perfect time with your computer. The whacky mice family hangs around and reacts each time the big hand goes past their number. Amusing for the entire family.