CuteFTP Pro 7.2

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CuteFTP Pro 7.2

What is Cute FTP Professional?
CuteFTP Professional is a powerful tool for securely and reliably transferring any type of data over industry standard protocols.

CuteFTP Professional Features

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Compatible

Windows 2003 & IIS6 Compatible

Compliant with RFC 959, 2228, 2389, 2289 & More

Compliant with OpenSSL Libraries 0.9.7d
Compliant with ZLIB Libraries 1.2.1
Compliant with latest secsh (Secure Shell) drafts

Fast Startup (Delay Loaded Components)

Concurrent Transfers from Multiple Sites

Multi-part (Accelerated) Transfers
Compressed (ZIP, CAB, GZIP/TARBALL) Transfers

Streaming Compressed Transfers (MODE Z)

Transfer Integrity Checking (CRC Checksum)

Resume Interrupted Transfer Support

Scheduled Transfers & Tasks

Bandwidth Throttling Controls

Site-to-Site Transfers
Advanced Transfer Queue

Filtered Transfers

Manual Transfers

Transfer Auto-rename Options

Transfer Auto Change-Case Options
Configurable Overwrite Rules

Transfer Remote & Local Timestamp Controls
After Transfer Events Controls

Transfer/Receive Buffer Controls
Auto-detect Data Transfer Mode (PASV / PORT)
Auto-detect Transfer Type (ASCII / Binary)
Cut, Copy, Paste Transfers)
Drag 'n Drop and Menu-based Transfers



Multiple FTP Server Host Type Support
Concurrent Connections to Multiple Sites
Step-by-Step Connection Wizard
Quick Connect "Address Bar"

Site Manager (Address Book)
Site Manager Import / Export
3rd Party Address Book Importer
Data Port Range Limiter
NAT Auto-detect (Port Mapping)

HTTP Proxy Support
Manual Configuration of Proxy Settings
Auto-detect Windows Proxy Settings

Socks 4 & 5 Proxy Support
EPSV and EPRT (IPv6) Support

IP/Port Range Control
OnStartup Connection Events
OnConnect Switch to Folder Options
Configurable Connection Keep Alive Feature

DUN/LAN Integration and Options

Cached Connections for Offline Browsing
Multiple Folder Caching Options
Per Site & Global Connection Options


SSL v3 (TLS) Support
SSL Implicit (Port 990) Support
SSL Explicit (AUTH SSL) Support

SSL Client & Server Certificate Support
SSL Certificate Creation Wizard
SSL Certificate Local Trusted Store
SSL Use Windows Trusted Root CA Store
SSL "Strong" Keys up to 4096 bits
SSL Clear Command or Data Channel Option
SSL Site-to-Site (SSCN) Transfers

HTTPS (HTTP over SSL Connections)
SSH2 Secure Shell (SFTP) Support

SSH2 Password & Public Key Authentication
SSH2 Identify File Creation Wizard (RSA/DSA Keys)
SSH2 Sec. Key Password Store or Prompt Option
SSH2 Cipher, Mac, Compression Options
SSH2 Remote Rename & ASCII Transfers
SSH2 Trusted Identity Store

OTP (One Time Password) MD4 & MD5 Logins
Blowfish Encrypted Site Manager Option
Password Storage and Access Policies


Script/Macro Recording & Playback
COM Interface / Scripting

Folder Synchronization Tool
Folder Comparison Tool
Local Folder Monitoring Tool

Site Backup & Archival Tool
Integrated Full Screen Text/HTML Editor

Remote "Server Side" ASCII File Editing
Thumbnail view of image files
Bookmark Frequent Paths
Custom Command Create / Edit / Playback

Manual FTP Command Insertion
Custom Command Create / Edit / Playback

Remote File & Folder Permissions Editor
File/Folder Property/CHMOD Display & Modify
Choose between "Home" and "Pro" Interface Modes

Multiple Sorting & Display Options
Find, Select, and Filter Options
Drag n' Drop Operations
Dozens of Accelerator (Shortcut) Keys
Lockstep Navigation of identical folder structures

XP or High-Color Toolbar Icons Options
Small & Large Toolbar Icons Options

Sound Event Triggers
Adjustable Log Settings
Adjustable Fonts for all panes
Ultra fast startup
Many More Interface & Display Options!

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