CYME CYMDIST ver. 4.5 R6 Multilanguage

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CYME CYMDIST ver. 4.5 R6 Multilanguage

CYME CYMDIST ver. 4.5 R6 Multilanguage
OS: Windows | 72 MB

CYMDIST can perform several types of analysis on balanced or unbalanced three-phase, two-phase and single-phase systems that are operated in radial, looped or meshed configurations. The base module includes per-phase voltage drop and power flow analysis, fault calculations (fault flows and fault voltages), optimal capacitor placement and sizing, load balancing and load allocation/estimation. CYMDIST is also equipped with add-on modules to perform more specialized analyses such as predictive and historical reliability analysis, contingency analysis, harmonic analysis, switching (tie-points) optimization, and more.

CYMDIST is an extremely powerful tool to assist you in creating “what-if” studies and performing simulations to evaluate the impact of modifications to your network, actual or future.

With the newly added “Network Forecaster” function you can view/modify/create time-dependent projects in the selected period, that consist of any modifications such as the addition of any load at a given date (year, month or day), change/ replacement of power transformers within the substation, rephasing/reconductoring project, network switching or reconfiguration, etc.

All the data resides in standard SQL tables and XML files so it can be easily populated or queried by third parties applications. CYMDIST can be interfaced with or embedded in other applications such as AM/FM/GIS system, DMS, NMS, OMS or SCADA systems and is available as a Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) for integration with other COM-compliant applications.

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