D3DGear ver. 1.61

Posted By: useros
D3DGear is an advanced DirectX & OpenGL utility. It automatically measures Windows 3D game frame rate, and display frame rate on screen. D3DGear also is a screenshot capture tool, it captures 3D game screenshot and save screenshot in popular image format. With D3DGear, you even can record 3D game into AVI movie while you are playing game.

To use D3DGear, simply launch D3DGear prior to start 3D game, the frame rate of 3D game will be automatically measured and displayed on screen; capturing screenshot and record game to movie will be as simple as pressing pre-defined hotkey.

A new feature, "Systray Integration", was added to D3DGear since version 1.61. The feature "Systray Integration" mirrors systray status into 3D game so that you can monitor systray icon status at same time when playing game. With this new feature, you will never have to miss email or IM message again while playing favorite 3D game.


* Automatically measure game frame rate; display frame rate on screen.
* Customize frame rate position, size and color.
* Measure each game/application independently, simultaneously.
* Capture screenshot by pressing hotkey; automatically save screenshot to file.
* Save screenshot in file with BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG, PPM or HDR image format.
* Continually capture multiple screenshots until hotkey being released.
* Include frame rate in screenshot.
* Include timestamp in screenshot.
* Record game to AVI movie.
* Record movie super fast and movie file size is very small.
* Support variant frame rate in movie recording
* Include timestamp in movie.
* Customize movie frame rate.
* New Integrate systray into game so that you can monitor systray icon status.
* Support both Windows DirectX9 API and OpenGL API.
* Support obsolete Windows DirectX8 game.
* Start run when Windows starts up.

Minimum System Requirements:

* Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.
* DirectX 9.0, OpenGL 1.2.
* DirectX9 compliant video card.
* Install and run with administrator privilege.