DC Six v6.14 (DiamondCut Audio Restoration/Enhancement/Editing Software)

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DC Six v6.14

The top spot is a nice place to be. DC FIVE was a great product and immensely popular. It was also the most powerful audio restoration/enhancement/editing product on the market. As we began our planning sessions for DC 6, we were able to do it with little concern for competitors and a total focus on pleasing our customers. Ease of use, speed, and more power were the requests. Ease of use, speed, and more power is what DC 6 delivers. Our goal was to create the most powerful product we could and offer the uneducated user stunning results within minutes of opening the box. DC 6 will not disappoint.

New To DC 6:

EZ Clean - One click noise reduction. DC 6 includes a powerful new automated system that seeks and destroys clicks, pops, hiss, hum and other disturbances common to older recordings.

CD Ripping - Now you can quickly and easily convert your audio CDs to Wave files or MP3 files using DC 6's new CD Ripper.

Speed To Burn - We've Turbo-charged the algorithms in the Impulse Filter, the Continuous Noise Filter, the Brick Wall Filter and the Median filter. You should notice an improvement in the speed of the algorithms anywhere from 20-80%.

Direct X Support - Now you can use your favorite plug-ins within the DC 6 operating system.

Auto Leveling - Just go into our Batch File editor and tell it to Auto Level any files of varying volumes.

Adaptive Filtering Added To Continuous Noise Filter - This intelligent filter adapts itself to the changing nature of the noise in your file. As it gets smarter, your noise disappears.

CD Database Integration - If you're working with CDs, DC 6 will instantly dial up the Internet CD Database and assign the names to all of your tracks before you rip them. This will save you the time of doing a Save As when you name the files.

No Time Limits - The wave file format has a 2 Gb limit, which can be a real problem for those of you recording long radio shows or other events. Not with DC 6. Though we can't fix the problem for Microsoft, we have a nifty way of working around it. As we approach the limit, we simply stop the recording and open a second file. You get your whole recording...just split into several files.

AVI Audio Support - You can play an AVI within DC SIX, you can select an area and extract the audio.

Multi-Codec Sensor Support - Now you can import and export to any Codec that's installed on your machine.

FAT BASS - Using the new FAT BASS section of our Virtual Valve Tube Simulator, you can build up weak or inadequate bass lines in your favorite tunes and get those floors rattling again.

20-Band Graphic EQ Added - Another powerful and easy to use enhancement and noise reduction tool.

Echo Effect Added - Contains two independent delay lines which can be used in a number of different modes providing it with a great deal of flexibility compared to the old analog systems. Because it performs its function utilizing digital techniques, it does not suffer from the noise and distortion buildup associated with the older analog systems.

DC 6 Also Includes:

Easy DeClick and DeCrackle.

Fast Multi-tiered Editor.


Sample Rate Conversion - Quickly convert your files from one common sample rate and bit depth to another.

LIVE Feed through Mode -You don’t need to necessarily have your audio recorded to the hard drive to take advantage of the numerous features of 6. Live mode allows you to run dirty audio in the inputs of your sound card, set up your numerous filters on the screen and have cleaned audio flow out the output of your sound card in real time.

Spectral Subtraction Filter In Continuous Noise - An amazing new feature within the Continuous Noise filter…very helpful in situations where you’re wading through recordings that are loaded with lots of ambient noise.

Time Compression and Expansion (Stretch and Squish) - Now you can speed up or slow down the speed of an audio file while keeping the pitch constant.

.cue Sheet Support for CD Burning.

Wave file to MP3 Conversion via popular encoders - Now, via the use of popular outboard encoders (Blade, Lame, Ogg Vorbis, Xing), you can quickly and easily convert any wave file to MP3 format from within the program.

Weighting Function added to Median Filter - Allows you to control the Timbre of your wave file.

Chebyshev response and 4th Order Slope added to Band Pass, High Pass, and Low Pass - These filters display relatively steep roll-off characteristics, but, unlike the Butterworth filters, have ripple in their pass-band.

Filter Sweeper - A novel new filter which allows the user to apply varying degrees of notch, high and low pass filters over time. This is perfect in situations where more filtering is needed at the beginning of a file.

De-Esser with Variable Frequency Control to Dynamics Processor - This special compression algorithm is tooled directly to remove hard “s” sounds that occur in older and poorly recorded files.

Pencil Wave Form Drawing - Now you can zoom to single sample resolution and manually draw out clicks and pops that show up as spikes in the waveform.

Time Bracketed Play Range - Allows you to audition a selected area or play from the cursor and add a predetermined amount of space on each side, particularly useful when trying to zero in on a problem area.

Timer Recording - Just like your VCR…you can set your software to begin recording at a certain time and end recording later. This can be set to be a one time recording or a daily recording.

Signal Triggered VOX Recording - You can now trigger the software to begin recording automatically when a user determined level of signal is sustained for a user determined length of time.

Distortion Analyzer - New to the Spectrum Analyzer…measures the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of any device.

Peak Hold Added to VU Meters - Newly designed VU meters more closely resemble a high end stereo system readout.

Dithering Options for Resolution Conversion - Both Save as and the Sample Rate Conversion tool allow you to select from 3 different dithering options…Flat Spectrum, Triangular High Pass, and Noise Shape 2.

AIFF to wave file Converter - Simply open an AIFF file within the program and it’s instantly converted to a wave file. You can now easily work on your favorite Mac files and then export them back to their original format.

Drag and Drop File Support - Drag and drop any audio file supported by the program and it opens and converts it automatically.

Export Playlists - Export your playlist in a standard text file so that it can be used by numerous label making and CD writing programs.

Import/Export Preset Files - Now you can share your favorite Presets with other users of the Enhanced Audio family via the Internet.

Hundreds of New Factory Presets (Over 800 Total).

New Keyboard Accelerators - Give you quick shortcuts to menu items.

Print Waveforms or any Screen Shot - A simple Print Screen function has been added with notation capabilities.

Up to 192 kHz/24 bit Sampling Rate Support - Now all popular sample rates and depths are supported.

Instant Channel Selection - Quickly and easily audition Left, Right or Stereo…even during playback. Apply any filter to either channel with one click of the mouse.

New Signal Generation Functions - White, Pink and Brown noise generators added.

New Lock Markers Function - Lock your markers in place so that you can’t accidentally move them while working.

New Marker Naming Function - Name your markers with text labels.

New Selectable Fonts and Colors - Manage your working environment to please your eyes.

New Windows WDM as well as MME Support - Will support virtually any sound card.

High Res Spectrum Analyzer Added - Now capable of resolving frequency increments as small as 0.02 Hz.

New P+C-based ALC - Ideal for speech processing…focus all 4 bands of Punch and Crunch on human speech frequencies.

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Password: cutdiamond

Simply run setup.exe and install to directory of your choice.
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