Demicron WireFusion v4.1.7

Posted By: head56
Demicron WireFusion v4.1.7 | 44Mb

WireFusion 4.1, is the world’s most powerful professional real-time Web3D solution. Combining Demicron proprietary technology, WireFwusion offers the ultimate in professional tools required for creating eye-catching interactive 3D presentations, animations and virtual worlds for the web quickly.
Use your favorite 3D animation tool, such as 3ds max, Maya, Lightwave or any other 3D tool capable of exporting to X3D or VRML, to bring your 3D models and 3D worlds to life on the internet. Simply import your 3D creations to WireFusion and have them published to the web.

WireFusion is a rich-media platform that visually integrates several different media types into a single player. It supports 3D, 2D, Macromedia Flash, MPEG video and MP3 audio. It is also capable of creating 360 degrees panoramas, slide shows and zoomable images.