Desktoplet XP Edition ver.1.2

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Desktoplet XP Edition ver.1.2

Desktoplet XP Edition ver.1.2 | 762 KB

Do you often work with several applications at the same time, which cover your desktop and force you to minimize all windows whenever you need to open an icon on the desktop? If you do, you may find that this handy utility will save you quite a few mouse clicks!

When you install Desktoplet™, it displays a small icon in the taskbar notification area (next to the system clock), that does not interfere with your work: it just sits there quietly, waiting for you to click on it:
When you need to open another item located on the desktop, you don't have to minimize or close all other windows you might have open at that time to uncover the desktop. Instead, just click on the Desktoplet icon, and a miniature version of the desktop (the Desktoplet) will appear on the screen, above all other windows that might be open at that time. The Desktoplet window contains the small versions of the desktop icons, at the same positions as the original icons on the "real" desktop. When you move the mouse pointer over an icon on the Desktoplet, the title of that icon is displayed as a "tooltip":