DevExpress ExpressBars Suite v5.22 for Delphi BCB Full Source

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DevExpress ExpressBars Suite v5.22 for Delphi BCB Full Source

DevExpress ExpressBars Suite v5.22 for Delphi BCB Full Source | 6.8 Mb

With version 5 of the ExpressBars Suite, you not only get an advanced toolbar/menu system, but you also get our newest component library, ExpressDocking. The ExpressDocking Library gives you the ability to create incredibly flexible docking applications with just a couple of mouse clicks. With it, you can easily create complex interfaces just like the Visual Studio .NET IDE, Delphi IDE and others. All you have to do is place a dock site on the form, add dock panels populated with your choice of VCL controls. The rest will be done for you automatically! You can dock panels to sites, float them or dock them to each other to form complex dock controls including tab containers and side containers. And all this is achievable just by dragging with the mouse and it would hardly be a Developer Express product if you couldn't have all this advanced functionality without having to write a single line of code!

It's all about FLEXIBILITY and OPTIONS - Build your applications the way you envision, not how your component vendor wants you to…

ExpressBars is all about options and giving you the control to build Win32 applications that suit your specific business needs.

-Do you prefer the look of Office 2000 vs XP or even the new Office 11 - it's no problem.
- Do you like large buttons like Internet Explorer - it's no problem.
- Prefer "hot" customization versus standard customization - it's no problem.
- Need to localize your application for different markets - it's no problem.
- Need to build MDI applications - it's no problem.
- Want to enable docking just like the VisualStudio.NET IDE - it's no problem.
- Want full control all aspects of runtime customization - it's no problem.
- Need advanced data editors in your toolbars - it's no problem.
- Want a top-notch customizable status bar - it's no problem.

Fact is, when it comes to toolbars, menus, and docking, you have free reign to build your best with the ExpressBars Suite v5… We guarantee it!

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