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DicomWorks - free viewer/editor for DICOM files

Posted By: BigBrother
В наше время врачи тоже используют компьютеры. Ну, не все, а вот лучевые диагносты - точно! DicomWorks - это программа как раз для них. И для тех, кто в своей работе использует такой графический формат, как DICOM. Программа русифицирована.

DicomWorks | Freeware | 6,82 Mb

DicomWorks is a free DICOM viewer and converter dedicated to radiologists or people working with DICOM files. With more than 20000 registered users, more than 100000 downloads since 2002, and a localization in 16 languages, it is now the most popular software in this domain.

It includes:
- a smart DICOM viewer with 4 panel display, annotations, arrows, multimodality synchronization, etc...
- an export wizard to the most common picture or movie file formats
- an export wizard to Microsoft PowerPoint
- the most simple and compatible DICOM CD-ROM reader
- the most simple and smart DICOM CD-ROM WRITER
- an archiving solution with lossless compression of the data
- a DICOM creation module to "dicomize" images from any image source (even video capture)
- e-mail or FTP import end export functions (teleradiology)
- 16 native localized versions
...and much, much more