Digital Trove Prime v.4.0

Posted By: BARR
Digital Trove Prime v.4.0

Digital Trove Prime v.4.0 | 3.04mb

Digital Trove PRIME is a suite of over 50 Effect Plug-Ins for Adobe After Effects. It consists of generators, distortions, image adjustments, stylistic filters, effects, and utilities.

Feature Enhancements
- 8 new plug-ins added, bringing PRIME to 52 effects.
- Circle - Added Opacity control. Faster.
- Edge Map - Added Blend parameter
- Edge Warp - New modes added
- ASCII - Added support for 29 Fonts; Added ability to customize text
- Glitz - Added new Blur, Glow, and Shadow modes. Added Spiral shape.
- Gnarl - Added Distance control layer option
- Rounded Mask - Added control points.
- Spotlight - Added fractal fog, streaks, highly-configurable 2D volume
shadows, and additional color options.
- Source Noise - Added option to retain original alpha channel
- Spill Noise - Completely rewritten. Added smoothing and continuous cycle.
- TV - Added Line Offset for precision placement of scan lines. Added
interference density control.