DigitSoft DiskShop v3.0.1773

Posted By: klol101
DiskShop, - The easy way of control !.
File and folder manager that is meant to handle what you need, in a logical and practical way !.
You are in total control, and with excellent Overview Thanks to DiskShops 3-panel system.
You will experience file/folder control in ways you never have before.

DiskShop Highlights:
3-View all active system.
2-PanelViews and one TreeView Panel. you can copy, move, delete and make folders in panel view´s.
Extremely fast File/Folder management, thank´s to DiskShop´s 3-panel system.
TreeView panel(too combined in One),as a third command source for file/folder select in Panelviews.
Total information and security when managing files and folders on your drives.
Program optimized with respect to size and speed.
Resize/move program on monitor, - save position.
Access your folders with one click from folder history and save your history to file for autoload.
Access your files from "Recent file list" with one click from file history 25 files backwards.
Keyboard shortcuts to all vital commands.
Picture boxes in each panel for viewing your digital photos ect. (enable/disable possibility)
Make file, Edit file and go to Dos prompt.
Sort your files and folders from panel view.
Rename file and folders, single or multiple, plus commands for indexing and lcase/Ucase.
Control all file/folder Attributes, single or multiple.
Start your programs with dbl. click on associated file in Panelviews.
Explore all important file/folder details in separate window, Single or Multiple.
Programmable Disk Cleanup/search function with file open possibility from view, plus Several delete options.
Use Preset to store your common used folder locations, and get there FAST whenever you want.
Besides Presets, enjoy the build in favorite option as file and Internet favorites.
Memory function of selected view (memory store, memory recall and undo recall).
Open File-Folder-Internet address menu. Stores last 15 items.
Lan Networking with attach drive menu.
Browsing your Disk with History function.
Build in Command line function, dedicated for advanced Program start.
Optimize your networking speed.
View your Disk and Ram condition.
Swap Panel function.
Compare/Synchronize folders with preview window.
Virtual Desktop.
Drag/drop between views.
Copy To/From Desktop.
Advanced view filtering, date interval, user pattern and file attribute.
Advanced file filtering, with functions same as view filtering above.
Selection tracing and fast recall of previous selections in all folders .
Color change on items in each panel to indicate which mode you are using, copy, move or delete.
Switch between 12(AM/PM)/24 Hour clock system.
Quick find file Commandline for fast file access in active view (wildcards available).
Quick find folder function and menu.
Browse for target folder from inside copy/move functions with "return" ability.
3D browse from right click menu, (folder transparency).
Filter/CleanUp/Search with filesize attributes as interval, > and < options.
Zip function/menu for files.
Line to line file compare function with visual state indication.
You will,for sure,experience increased productivity .
Support for Win98, -Me and -XP only, - NT and 2000, will be supported later on.
Life free support and upgrades.

And more…


Monitor solution min. 1024 x 768 pixel (recommended:1280 x 1024 or more).
128 MB Free Ram.
CPU Power about 500Mhz or more. However 2Ghz and a fast graphics card do the job.
Microsoft Internet explorer 6.0 installed.
Adobe Acrobat Reader. Not included in package.