DiskExplorer for NTFS ver. 3.03

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DiskExplorer for NTFS ver. 3.03

DiskExplorer for NTFS ver. 3.03 | 3,1 MB

Windows based Disk Editor for NTFS file systems

This sophisticated disk editor enables you to investigate your NTFS drive and conduct your own data recovery, using the following features:
# navigate through your NTFS drive by jumping to the partition table, boot record, Master file table or the root directory
# choose between views such as hex, text, index allocation, MFT, boot record, partition table
# inspect the file entry details, NT attributes etc.
# search your drive for text, partition tables, boot records, MFT entries, index buffers
# view files
# save files or whole directories from anywhere on the drive
# identify the file a certain cluster belongs to
# create a virtual volume when the boot record is lost or corrupt
# edit your drive by using the direct read/write mode (not recommended) or the virtual write mode
# conduct your own data recovery by taking advantage of all these features