DiskMonitor ver.

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DiskMonitor ver.

DiskMonitor ver.

DiskMonitor enables a network administrator to monitor local and networked disks, graphically view usage history, receive custom e-mails alerts, recurs entire disks to determine directory usage and generate reports.

DiskMonitor uses a Windows Service to poll disk usage. The service can send warning and critical e-mail alerts as well as save usage information for graphical review.

Many disks can be configured at once or each disk configured separately.

All directories can be recursed enabling network administrators to determine which directories are using the most space and which directories have large numbers of files.

When the network administrator needs to disable alerting, all alerting can be disabled and later e-enabled with a single click of the mouse.

Two different emails can be sent out when disk usage runs low. One email can be sent to a desktop with detailed information while another email can be sent to a hand held device. Both email subjects are configurable and hand held device email subjects can be fully configured.

The disk usage charts can be fully configured and emailed to other users from within the application.