DivX 6.0 Pro

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The DivX Create Bundle provides you with all the tools necessary to create and play DivX videos with the advanced features of the DivX® Media Format. The DivX Create Bundle includes:
DivX Converter

The DivX Converter™ allows you to convert nearly any digital video into a DivX® media file in one easy step with its simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality. The DivX Converter includes an optional MPEG-2/DVD plug-in for an additional fee.

DivX Pro
Offering the best combination of quality, performance and compression of any video codec on the market, DivX Pro™ is the digital video codec of choice for professional filmmakers and discerning amateur enthusiasts alike.

DivX Player
The DivX Player™ is capable of playing every DivX file ever created, with integrated support for advanced features of the DivX Media Format and special enhancements for high definition (HD) playback, providing the ideal way to enjoy all your DivX videos.

DivX Pro v6.0 and Converter v1.0 patch