Dolphin web community script ver. 5.1

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Dolphin web community script ver. 5.1

Dolphin web community script ver. 5.1 | 2,5 Mb

Want to build your own community? Now you're limited only by your imagination, not by your software. Dolphin web community script is a universal software package that allows you to build any kind of online community you'd like. With a huge variety of features and options, you can quickly develop your own community that works in conjunction with your dating software, classifieds software and more.

* More Than Dating Software. Dolphin is so much more than a dating script. It can also be used with blogging, publishing, photo sharing or practically any other type of site.
* Complete Freedom. Dolphin is a free, open source community script with a huge variety of modules, customized versions, add-ons and designs.
* Experience Meets Innovation. Based on the web's most popular dating script - aeDating - Dolphin is your best choice because it offers an established platform along with new management and new levels of support through the BoonEx Group.

version: 5.1 New!
size: 2.5 Mb
license: Free
download: Free


Just wanted to let you know about this very nice and FREE script