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Slide Show Pro Director v1.03

SlideShowPro Director is the easiest way to import, organize, edit and manage your images for SlideShowPro. Simply upload the images you want to display and Director generates all your thumbnails, slide show images, organizes your images into albums, publishes XML, and provides a full suite of Ajax-powered inputs for complete customization of your content.

24-hour management

Director is not a one-time batch publisher of your photos. It's always on, ready whenever you need to add images, create albums, or edit galleries. And once you set up an album, any images you add will be automatically published as thumbnails and photos for your slide show. Any changes you make in Director automatically appear in SlideShowPro, so you never have to publish new SWFs from Flash.

Create with confidence

When you're editing XML by hand or publishing photos it's not only time consuming, but easy to break your XML with errant characters or save an unsupported image type. Director removes all potential for error. Content is published correctly, every time.


Any future updates made to SlideShowPro's feature set will be automatically incorporated into Director, so the two applications are always in sync with one another.

Server Requirements

* PHP (4.3.0+)
* MySQL (3.23.23+)
* Linux/Unix server running Apache 1.3+
* Windows server running IIS 5.0+ or Apache 1.3+

To test your server, download the Director Server Compatibility Script.

Supported Browsers

* Internet Explorer 6 (Windows - IE Mac is not supported)
* Mozilla 1.7+ & Firefox 1.0+ (Win, OS X, Linux)
* Safari 1.2+ (OS X)
* Camino 1.0 (OS X)

Home: http://www.slideshowpro.net/

Download: 1.28 MB (APP + RETAIL)