Dominey Design Slide Show Pro v1.30

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Dominey Design Slide Show Pro v1.30

Slide Show Pro v1.30

Professional photo galleries have never been this easy. Designed for every user of Flash, SlideShowPro is simple enough for beginners, yet robust enough for seasoned developers. It's one of the most flexible, powerful Flash components you'll ever use.

How it works

SlideShowPro is a drag and drop application for Flash MX 2004 or Flash 8. You simply add it to you Flash movie (FLA), create an XML file with your image data, and publish. Within minutes you'll have a professional slide show ready to upload online, playback locally, or burn to a CD. Requires no ActionScript or programming experience.


SlideShowPro was designed to fit in any web site. Change its width and height to any dimension you want. If your site uses a particular color palette, change its colors to match. If you don't want to show navigation, captions, or a gallery, you can turn them off and only show photos. Nearly every embedded element in the component may be styled or removed for total creative flexibility.


Once you publish a slide show you'll never have to open Flash again. Simply create more images, edit the XML file with your updated content, and reload the movie. Your new content will automatically appear.

Powerful API

ActionScript developers have plenty of options to play with. Control assets outside of the component with Event Listeners, use your own preloader animations, create your own navigation, and plenty of methods for controlling interaction and behavior. All of it is fully documented and installed to the Help panel in Flash.

User community

SlideShowPro is used on tens of thousands of web sites the world over, from personal web sites to high-traffic destinations like ESPN, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times. An active community of users are always available in the forums providing tips, support, and creative inspiration.



* Flash MX 2004, Flash MX 2004 Professional, Flash 8, or Flash 8 Professional. SSP will not work with Flash MX (Version 6).
* Macromedia Extension Manager
* A web browser with Flash Player 7 or higher to view the slide show

Download: 18.67 MB (APP + RETAIL)