DotFix FakeSigner 3.3

Posted By: Alexpal
Неплохая фишка для тех программеров, кому лень самостоятельно писать защиту своих творений. Программа по особому алгоритму обрабатывает исполняемый файл программы и шифрует его код. При этом часть данных с точки входа переносится в код самой защиты. Все это непрерывно прогоняется через метаморф-движок, поэтому код декриптовщика и защиты в целом получается полиморфным. Естественно, присутствуют и генераторы мусорных циклов и инструкций, встраиваются подложные сигнатуры и многое-многое другое.

DotFix FakeSigner 3.3 | 1 Mb

This program protect your EXE-files from unpacking, disassembling and cracking. Also this program protect your EXE-files from indentificating real compiler/packer. FakeSigner includes 30 signatures in unregistered version and over 230 in registered. DotFix protects your program from autounpacking tool. DotFix inject in all sections of your program many anti-debugging tricks and copy some program code to protector's loader. Most of debuggers, and unpackers can't do nothing with it and just get blocked. Also DotFix can crypt all section of code, and stolen original bytes from original entry point to protectors code with methamorphic transformations. FakeSigner has good polymorphic code engine, that inject in you program random trash code to trouble debugging.
For the fans of programming in the program is built-in scripting language, on which it is possible easily to realize any additional opportunities of protection of the programs. The given language is documentary and has examples of use in a folder scripts.
For the researchers of the programs DotFix FakeSigner has the built-in analyzer of EXE files. With its help it is possible to define on what is written or than this or that program is protected.

Adding in program code additional code pieces to prevent tracing and unpacking
Excellent "stolenbytes protection" engine
PE Sniffers (file analysers) after protecting your app. with DotFix will show wrong signature (any you pic ;-).
Maybe soon pe sniffers will recognize DotFix but it won't help with finding real packer ;-)
After loading protected apps in some DASMs they start trippin' and don't disassemble the code
Support almost all packers, including FSG, UPX, Petite, Aspack. It means, that before using DotFix you can pack your exe-file with any packer
You can change sections names (make them the same or give them names of different packers)
Scramler UPX 0.6, UPX 1.24, UPX 1.9, FSG, Petite
DotFix provides detailed log of protecting
You can pic injecting signature from a very BIG list ;-)
Two protecting methods
Crypting EP and code section (only in registered version)
Wonderful trash code engine
DotFix register in Windows context menu. For fast protecting you programs rightclick on exe-file and select "Protect with DotFix FakeSigner"
DotFix have sniffer algorithm
DotFix show additional info. This is PE headers info and info about sections
Anti tracing protect and correct fixing or delete Bound Import Directory

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