Dundas Map for Reporting Services v1.0.0.514 for SQL Server 2005 Retail

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Dundas Map for Reporting Services v1.0.0.514 for SQL Server 2005 Retail

Dundas Map for Reporting Services v1.0.0.514 for SQL Server 2005 Retail

Dundas Map for Reporting Services v1.0.0.514 for SQL Server 2005 Retail | Win32 |Size: 39.18 MB

Understanding your data within SQL Reporting Services is pivotal to making better business decisions.? Until now, if you had geographic data that you wish to visualize using SQL Reporting Services, your options used to be limited to simple charts and data grids.? With Dundas Map for Reporting Services, you now have a level of visualization that goes beyond what can be achieved with the standard reports in SQL Reporting Services.

Use it stand-alone, or in conjunction with the other Reporting Services products from Dundas to transform your reports into Click here for more »
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General Features

Easy-to-use design-time designer

Serialize maps as XML or binary

Save maps as image files (jpg, bmp, png)
Geographic grid and projections support
Gradient and hatch styles for all map elements
Map layers

Print support

Detailed samples

Map Visualization
High performance viewport for display of map graphics
Adjustable zoom range and zoom level

Map Designer and Wizard

Predefined maps from a library of base maps
World and Continent Maps

Detailed Country Maps including the USA and Canada

Customizable parallel and meridian grid lines

Configure color swatches, distance scales, and legends

Flexible designer can be launched at any time

Map Import Features

Automatic naming of map elements through data field association

Select multiple data attribute columns for rich map data

Map Projections??? ASP.NET??? Windows Forms
Support for ten of the most widely used map projections

Fully configurable projection parameters such as projection center

Switch projections at any time, including runtime

Map Content Features

Extensive set of appearance and behavioral options

Offset locations and apply scale factors to create exploded views

Automatically group shapes into geographic regions

Automatically colorize and symbolize maps using the rule-based engine

Create chloropeth and proportional symbol maps


Unlimited number of logical layers for element management and manipulation

Assign map elements to one, all or no layers

Easily show or hide a layer and all of its subsequent elements

Intelligent layer properties show/hide layers based on zoom level

Data Grouping and Classification
Classify map elements using data grouping algorithms

Group or classify elements into equal intervals, equal distribution, or optimally
Automatically assign colors or symbols for each data class

Data Binding

Bind map elements with database tables

Automatically classify and configure map elements based on column values
Map Layout and Composition

Add distance scales, color swatches and legends to maps

Dock and size elements using absolute units or percentages

Insert images into maps for displaying custom graphics

Add labels to maps to create titles and sub-titles

Legend Features

Customizable legend titles

Multi-column legends

Customized cells for full customization of all legend elements

Interlaced rows

Multiple legends per map for increased data potential

Advanced Features

Programmatic access to map elements including shapes



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