Dupehunter Professional v6.0.0.2678

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Dupehunter Professional v6.0.0.2678

Dupehunter Professional ver. 6.0 Build 2678 | Build date: 2006-07-25 | Size: 5.13Mb

Dupehunter Professional is the professional tool for the identification of duplicated files on Windows operating systems.

We would like to introduce you to Dupehunter Professional, an innovative search program to identify duplicated files on personal computers or in a network.

Dupehunter Professional has a well-considered basis and offers a high degree of flexibility.

It is an excellent tool, not only for private users but also in companies - hence called professional.

It works with calculated Hash values of CRC-32 (32 bit), MD5 (128 bit) and SHA-1 (160 bit).

You can also erasing files acc. to US DoD 5220-22. M, Gutmann method or with Pseudorandom data!