DVDInfoPro 4.623

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DVDInfoPro 4.623

DVDInfo Pro 4.623 | 4.3 MB

DVDINFOPro™ by Nic Wilson is a DVD information program written in Visual C++ for Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP.

(ASPI NOTE: Windows 95, 98, ME require Adaptec ASPI V4.60 or ASPI V4.7.1.2 or later, Nero ASPI is also supported)

This program provides information & tools for:

DVD+R/RW burners
DVD-R DL (Double Layer) burners
DVD+R DL (Double Layer) burners
DVD-ROM players.
DVDInfo Pro also provides information on all CD players & burners.

Some of the newer features in DVDINFOPro™ V4.xx ™
  • New PIPO scan data save and reload
  • New PIPO graphical save formats (PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP>
  • Recognition of Blu ray technologies
  • New Benq fast PIPO scanning for 8x and 16x drives
  • New DC Erase function for Nu burners restores RW media to brand new
  • New Colour options for graphs and plotting via colour picker
  • New DVD-RDL, DVD+RDL (Double Layer) support added
  • LG, BENQ, NU, NEC, BTC, Liteon, Micro Advantage bitsetting added
  • Access to new DVD-R/RW bitsetting functions added by Nu, BTC and Micro Advantage
  • New Media revision field added to Media info
  • CD/DVD Speed & Error Test functions
  • Expanded Drive & Media Info sections.
  • Recognition of DDCD, HD-BURN & Mt Rainier technologies
  • Check for program update on web feature.
  • Regular updates.
  • And More…

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