EasyBugNets 1.11c for Delphi

Posted By: Alexpal
EasyBugNets 1.11c for Delphi

EasyBugNets 1.11c for Delphi | 1,38 Mb

Complete Bug Reporting Package
- bug reporting component with sources,
- example with sources,
- assistant (limited version),
- help center.
EasyBugNets has been tested and validated on more than 300 Delphi applications.
Effective bug processing : the right code at the right place : how to use the power of Application.OnException event to integrate an automatic bugreport in few code lines. Don't hesitate to spend five minutes reading this article, you will gain time later…
Effective bug tracking : the right code at the right place : how to protect an application and retrieve essential debugging informations using Windows exception handlers.

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