EBgo Sniper v1.4.8

Posted By: zipholic
EBgo Sniper v1.4.8

EBgo Sniper will track all your eBay auctions for you placing your bid just before the auction closes (Snipe)!

Increases your chances of winning since people wont have time to outbid you! Very easy to use! Any eBay auction expert will tell you that sniping is the key to winning auctions! Thanks to the user friendly interface setting up a snipe is as simple as entering the item number and your maximum bid, or even drag and drop the item directly from your browser. If you have ever bid on an item on eBay and at the last minute of the bid someone won the item from right underneath you, then you
have been .. sniped .

Stop losing auctions now with EBgo Sniper!

Install EBgoSnipper110.exe. Copy precracked exe from crack folder and place into EBgo Sniper's installed folder, overwriting existing file. EBgo Sniper is now fully registered and activated! You can now launch EBgo Sniper and then enter your Ebay Account information and have full access.

If you have previously used a cracked version and go into settings and this time it says it needs activation, then just click Save once and you will see its gone for good (this should only ever happen once, if not at all).