Pathrace EdgeCAM 10.5 windows

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Pathrace EdgeCAM 10.5

Pathrace EdgeCAM 10.5  windows

EdgeCAM is a complete CAM software solution for production machining and mold & die applications. With an extensive range of 2-5 Axis milling, turning and mill/turn strategies, seamless CAD integration and sophisticated automation tools, EdgeCAM is the only CAM system you’ll ever need.

EdgeCAM’s established 4 and 5-axis simultaneous machining is extended to support the latest generation mill/turn multi-tasking machines. An easy-to-use intuitive interface brings the benefits of advanced multi-axis machining technology in reach of all machinists, by reducing the complexity associated with this technology.

Read how EdgeCAM’s new 4-and 5-Axis strategies can help you use your multi-axis machines to their full capabilities.

State-of-the-art visualization tools are provided by EdgeCAM Simulator, with the ability to accurately model the machine tool and simulate all movement within the manufacturing process. This is particularly useful with 5-Axis machining, where small changes in angular movement may generate significant movement of the machine tool, increasing the potential for expensive collisions.

EdgeCAM is designed to cope with programming the simplest to the most complex components and offers full support for the latest CAD, machine tool and tooling technology. Available worldwide, EdgeCAM is supplied and supported through a network of subsidiaries and specialist resellers