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Editor Collection


Crimson Editor V3.70 :
Crimson Editor is a professional source code editor for Windows.
This program is not only fast in loading time, but also small in size (so small that it can be copied in one floppy disk).While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for programming languages such as HTML, C/C++, Perl and Java.
Syntax Highlighting for HTML, C/C++, Perl, Java, Matlab and LaTeX. Also, it can be extended for other programming languages based on custom syntax files. Other features include undo/redo, user tools, macros, spell checker and more.

EditPad Pro v6.0.1 :
EditPad Pro is a text editor and word processor. Work comfortably with the tabbed layout, spell checking, column editing, extensive clipboard and block editing abilities, project files, word count and other statistics, text wrapping and unwrapping, alphabetic sort, bookmarks, and character map. Edit source code more easily with syntax coloring, file navigation, code folding, FTP, search and replace with regular expressions, DOS/Windows/UNIX and ANSI/Unicode conversions, hexadecimal mode, integrated file comparison, auto and block indent, and line and column numbers.Store and instantly reuse standard phrases, formatting tags, and source code snippets. Temporarily store and easily move and duplicate blocks of text. Fully configurable, with many file type specific settings. File size and line length are not limited. EditPad Pro supports unlimited undo and redo, even after saving.

Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 6.00 :
EmEditor Professional, a text editor for Windows, supports JavaScript or VBScript macros, Unicode, plug-ins, syntax highlighting (including embedded scripts in HTML, ASP, and PHP files), drag-and-drop, and menu and keyboard customizations. This release supports not only JavaScript and VBScript for the text editing macros, but also PerlScript, PHPScript, Python, Ruby, and many other ActiveScript languages as long as script engines you want to use are installed on your system. This release also supports a new set of plug-ins including Outlining, Web Preview, and Search Bar. The Outlining plug-in allows you to collapse or expand certain portions of text. External tool standard output can be now redirected into the Output Bar. The text editor is now Windows Vista ready. It supports the User Account Control in Windows Vista, and allows you to run with least privileges environment. A few administrative settings are clearly distinguished. The 64-bit edition is also available.

Hackman Suite v9.0 :
Hackman Hex Editor is an advanced multimodule hex editor, disassembler and template editor. It comes with cryptography capabilities, decoding with ready- and self-made algorithms, and a full-featured editor. You can edit virtually any file, disk, or RAM process with the ease of a word processor. Complete online help with processor information. The program offers a command line for controlling the program using only your keyboard, a menu and command shortcut editor, and a redesigned interface to speed up your work and enhance your productivity. Plug-ins are supported (date and version changer, icon extractor, merger/splitter, and so on), and it comes with an SDK to help you create your own plug-ins. Also included are multilingual support and many external editors for INI, DIZ, and INF autoplay files.

Textpad v4.7.3 :
TextPad is a full-featured text editor offering a spelling checker, macros, and powerful formatting and file-storage options. TextPad has been implemented according to the Windows XP user interface guidelines, so great attention has been paid to making it easy for both beginners and experienced users. In-context help is available for all commands, and in-context menus pop up with the right mouse button. The Windows multiple-document interface allows multiple files to be edited simultaneously, with up to two views on each file. Text can be dragged and dropped among files.In addition to using the usual cut-and-paste capabilities, you can correct the most common typing errors with commands to change case, and you can transpose words, characters, and lines. Other commands let you indent blocks of text, split or join lines, and insert whole files. Any change can be undone or redone, right back to the first change made. Visible bookmarks can be put on lines, and edit commands can be applied to lines with bookmarks. Frequently used combinations of commands can be saved as keystroke macros, and the spelling checker has dictionaries for 10 languages. It also has a customizable tools menu, and integral file-compare and -search commands, with hypertext jumps from the matched text to the corresponding line in the source file (ideal for integrating compilers).

UltraEdit-32 v12.10 :
Powerful text, HEX, HTML, PHP, and programmer's editor. Many advanced features: syntax highlighting/coloring for many languages. Code folding, brace matching, HEX editing, style builder, column/block editing, SFTP support, spell checker, UNICODE, UNIX/MAC conversions (including UTF-8). Text formatting, alignment and centering. Print/print preview including syntax highlighting.

WildEdit 1.1 :
If you ever need to make the same changes to many files at once, then WildEdit® will save you a lot of time. It is an interactive tool for power users to edit a set of text files in a folder hierarchy, filtered by wildcards. This makes it ideal for editing web pages and software source code, or reformatting log files and newsletters.You simply specify the search text, optionally using a regular expression, the replacement text, and a wildcard filter, then let it run. This process can be repeated as often as is required, and up to the last 10 changes can be undone and redone.

X-Ways WinHex v12.9.SR-13 :
WinHex is in its core a universal hexadecimal editor, particularly helpful in the realm of computer forensics, data recovery, low-level data processing, and IT security. An advanced tool for everyday and emergency use: inspect and edit all kinds of files, recover deleted files or lost data from hard drives with corrupt file systems or from digital camera cards. Features include (depending on the license type):
Disk editor for hard disks, floppy disks, CD-ROM & DVD, ZIP, Smart Media, Compact Flash, …
Native support for FAT, NTFS, Ext2/3, ReiserFS, Reiser4, UFS, CDFS, UDF
Built-in interpretation of RAID systems and dynamic disks
Various data recovery techniques
RAM editor, providing access to physical RAM and other processes' virtual memory
Data interpreter, knowing 20 data types
Editing data structures using templates (e.g. to repair partition table/boot sector)
Concatenating and splitting files, unifying and dividing odd and even bytes/words
Analyzing and comparing files
Particularly flexible search and replace functions
Disk cloning (under DOS with X-Ways Replica)
Drive images & backups (optionally compressed or split into 650 MB archives)
Programming interface (API) and scripting
256-bit AES encryption, checksums, CRC32, hashes (MD5, SHA-1, …)
Erase (wipe) confidential files securely, hard drive cleansing to protect your privacy
Import all clipboard formats, incl. ASCII hex values
Convert between binary, hex ASCII, Intel Hex, and Motorola S
Character sets: ANSI ASCII, IBM ASCII, EBCDIC, (Unicode)
Instant window switching. Printing. Random-number generator.
Supports files >4 GB. Very fast. Easy to use. Extensive online help. (more)
Having all the bits and bytes in a computer at your fingertips has become a reality.

Notepad++ 3.5:
Notepad++ is a free (under the GPL license) source code editor which supports several programming languages under Windows environment. It's also a lightweight replacement of Notepad. The supported languages by Notepad++ are: C, C++, Java, C#, XML, HTML, PHP, Javascript, RC file, makefile, nfo, doxygen, ini file, batch file, ASP, VB/VBS, SQL, Objective-C, CSS, Pascal, Perl, Python, Lua, Unix Shell Script, Fortran, NSIS and Flash action script. Notepad++ main features are: Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding, User Language Define System, Regular Expression Search, WYSIWYG (If you have a color printer, print your source code in color), Unicode support, Full drag-and-drop supported, Brace and Indent guideline Highlighting, 2 edits and synchronized view of the same document, User Language Define System.