EjoyStudio FastCapPro ver. 1.4.7

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EjoyStudio FastCapPro ver. 1.4.7

EjoyStudio FastCapPro ver. 1.4.7 | Win32 | Size: 1,55 Mb

Use FastCapPro Game Recorder to Create Your Own Game Movies for almost all Games! You can also use FastCap to record your activity on PC screen or create training videos, and distribute them to as many people as you want through the Internet.

1. Real-time capture DirectX and OpenGL games: record both sound and video
2. High capture speed
3. Easy to use: just press your defined hotkeys to start/stop/pause recording
4. Full screen game capture (e.g. 1024 X 768).
5. Adjustable frame size: 320 X 240, 512 X 384, 600 X 480, 720 X 576, 800 X 600 and Full Screen (default)
6. Selective FPS: from 5 to 40 FPS
7. Show in game FPS during recording
8. Pause game recording: Real time remove unwanted "junk" video just by pressing a key!
9. Schedule recording: presetting your capture time
10. Real-time compress game video:
11. Video compression formats: MPEG-4 Codec, Divx, Microsoft Video 1, Indeo Video 5.10, Indeo Video 5.10 Compressor, DV Video Encoder or Cinepak Codec by Radius Real-time compress game audio:
12. Audio compression formats: PCM, MPEG Layer-3, Micro ADPCM, GSM 6.10, CCITT u-Law or CCITT a-Law Record your activity on PC screen and other videos (e.g. Google Earth)
13. Upload movie to FTP: use FastCap to upload your game movies to websites.



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