Elite Software DPipe 2.00.17

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Elite Software DPipe 2.00.17

Elite Software DPipe 2.00.17 | Win32 | Size: 7,09 Mb

Whether you need to size drainage pipes and vents according to UPC, IPC, or your own custom standard, D-Pipe is ready to adapt to your needs. In fact, you can define and keep on hand as many different sizing code files as you like. Click the Download link on the left to try the functional demo version.

* Calculates optimal drainage pipe and vent sizes
* Follows methodology described in the ASPE Databook
* Sizes pipe according to UPC and IPC code requirements
* Provisions for sizing in accordance with local codes
* Prints bill of materials with material and labor costs
* Built-in pipe, fitting, and drainage fixture data
* Links to Autodesk Building Systems 2006
* Allows for all types of pipe materials
* Fitting and fixture data can be edited by the designer
* Allows multiple pipe, fitting, and fixture library files
* Instantaneous input error checking
* Provides comprehensive and concise reports


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