EmEditor Professional ver. 6.00.2 beta 4

Posted By: makman
EmEditor Professional ver. 6.00.2 beta 4

EmEditor Professional ver. 6.00.2 beta 4 | 2,25 Mb
EmEditor is No.1 selling text editor in Japan!

EmEditor is a text editor offering full Unicode support, plug-ins, syntax highlighting, and many other features. With EmEditor Professional, Text Editor for Windows, you can create functionally-rich macros using JavaScript or VBScript! EmEditor supports Unicode, Plug-ins, Find/Replace in Files, syntax highlighting, and more! EmEditor Professional v5 features even more light-weight and powerful tab functions.

There was a bug in EmEditor Professional v6.00.1 release; if both Quick Start and Tray Icon checkboxes are checked, and the Explorer plug-in or the Search plug-in is open, then about 5 seconds after all EmEditor windows were closed, the keyboard focus to another window (not EmEditor Window) will be lost.
This build fixes this bug.
Explorer plug-in now remembers the root folder.
Also, some minor bugs have been fixed.
This version along with EmFTP Professional v3.00 alpha 2 fixes an issue where editing the FTP server-side files with EmEditor used to disable EmEditor's tabs. Now it is fixed with this version.
Also fixes a few bugs on Explorer plug-in.

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