EximiousSoft Cool Image ver. 2.18

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EximiousSoft Cool Image ver. 2.18

EximiousSoft Cool Image ver. 2.18 | 2 Mb

EximiousSoft Cool Image is a powerful picture editing utility.

Provides all essential tools for producing professional quality pictures, edit visually and easily by drag and drop, use objects as layers to compose image as you desire.

EximiousSoft Cool Image can anti-aliasing automatically and import from or export to various image format files which include GIF,AVI, BMP, JPG,PCX,PNG,TIFF,TGA,PSD,ICO,CUR,ANI etc..

EximiousSoft Cool Image provides rectangle, ellipse, lasso, magic wand selection tools.

It can be used to cut,copy,move,delete a area of an image. Erase tool can help you get rid of unwanted portion easily.

Line tool can draw the smoothest lines.Many shape painted tools are also supproted.

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