ExplorerPlus ver. 6.2 Full RETAIL

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ExplorerPlus 6.2 | Full Retail | 18.7 MB


ExplorerPlus™ - File Management Made Fast, Easy & Efficient
Key Features Include:
• Copy, move, and manage your files faster with multiple folder views
• Instantly preview any picture or document file
• Find files faster and easier
• Work with ZIP, RAR, CAB, LHA, TAR, and many other archive types
• Make FTP connections as simple as opening a local folder
• Synchronize documents between folders and computers
File management:
• Display the contents of two folders side by side (dual pane view) for easy compare and drag and drop.
• Go to and access any folder on any drive or server with a single click.
• Rename single or multiple files at once. Even rename groups of files using wildcards.
• Copy and move files with ease using the Copy To / Move To dialogs.
• Preview any file.
• Show files as thumbnails including pictures and document files.
• Print the list of files displayed or the folder tree.
• Print multiple files in a single pass.
• Email files with a single click.
• Attach notes to files to document them and to help with easy retrieval.
• List all the files stores on a drive.
• Prioritize and organize folders by color coding them.
• Copy the file name or its full path to the clipboard.
• Filter displayed files to only show the ones needed.
• Reset the date/time stamp of any file or folder
• Zip and UnZip files, and even create self-extracting compressed archives.
• Connect to any FTP server and easily navigate through it like a local drive.
File viewing and graphic file conversion:
• Instantly preview any picture, PDF Acrobat file, text file, Word document, Excel spreadsheet and over 150 other file types.
• Use thumbnail view to quickly see picture and document files before opening them.
• Set the Viewer Pane to be located at the bottom or on the right side of the file manager. Or set it to be its own independent floating window.
• Convert pictures and graphic files to any of over 30 different graphic formats including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG and PhotoShop.
• Perform "Batch" conversions with support for large-scale multi-format conversions.
• Show all pictures on a drive.
• Add notes to your image files to help keep track of information tied to your pictures.
Find files fast:
• Find files over multiples drives.
• Find files even if they are compressed in ZIP files.
• Refine the search results to find exactly what you need.
• Print the list of files found.
• Display search results showing keywords in context.
• Copy, move, rename, delete, zip, or open any file you find.
• Locate files based on almost any search criteria: keyword, file type, size, date, path, attributes, contents, file info, notes, etc.
• Find MP3 files based on artist name, title, etc.
Context menus:
• Over 20 context menus are offered by ExplorerPlus, giving you access to its features not only within ExplorerPlus, but also everywhere else in Windows such as My Computer and Microsoft Explorer.
Folder and file synchronization
• Synchronize any two folders or subfolders on your system. Also synchronize files on your laptop and desktop to keep your folders and files in tune and up-to-date.
• Preview any file before synchronizing.
• Synchronize easily: select two folders, compare their contents, and quickly synchronize them.
Enhanced Open and Save dialogs:
• Remember the last 20 files you've opened and the last 20 folder paths (per application).
• Resize the Open/Save dialogs to your size preference.
• Insert a preview window in the dialog to display any selected file before opening it.
Support for ZIP and other compressed file types:
• Support all major compressed archive formats, including ZIP, RAR, Z, GZ, TAR, ARJ, LZH, PAK, ZOO, CAB, ARC, and DWC.
• Show archives as folders to easily manage archive contents.
• Allow drag and drop files to ZIP and out of ZIP.
• Automatically span large compressed files over multiple disks.
• Support password protection.
• Provide different compression levels.
• Views zips in folder list (with contents seen in file list).
• Create self-extracting zip files.
Integrated FTP:
• Handle FTP sites like local folders.
• Open multiple FTP sites at the same time.
• Drag and drop files to or from FTP servers.
• Drag and drop files between FTP servers.
• Resume broken file upload or download where you left off.
• Upload or download entire directory structures.
• Includes Chmod support to change access permissions to a file on the server.
Security and encryption:
• Access file encryption including secure DES encryption.
• Encrypt entire folders in a single pass.
• Remove every trace of the original file after encrypting it.
• Completely remove all traces of any file or folder through low-level deletion (Dept of Defense deletion).
Email attachments:
• Decode email attachments with advanced decoder.
• Decode MIME, multi-part MIEM, UUencoded, BinHex, or XXencoded files.
• Create UUencoded files and optionally split them into multiple parts.
Digital music support:
• Organize all your digital music files.
• Sort songs by artist, title, album, etc.
• Instantly play MP3s and media files without launching any other program.
• Create and edit your own playlists for your MP3 player.
• Edit MP3 tags.
• Find MP3 files based on artist name, title, etc.
Digital camera support:
• Copy and move images directly from your digital camera to your computer.
• Preview your pictures in the Viewer Pane, or Thumbnail View, FileTips, and Open and Save dialogs.
• Rename entire groups of pictures with more descriptive names in one easy pass.
• Add notes and comments to your pictures.
• Convert your pictures from one graphic format to another.
• Upload your pictures to your personal web site with ExplorerPlus FTP.

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