Extensis PhotoFrame 2.5.2 + All Frames ISO I 1.23 GB

Posted By: Hatifnatt
Extensis PhotoFrame 2.5.2 + All Frames ISO  I  1.23 GB

Extensis PhotoFrame 2.5.2 + All Frames ISO | 1,23 GB

Extensis PhotoFrame is an interesting Photoshop plugin that applies unique and often complex border and edge effects to your images. Like many third-party Photoshop plugins, PhotoFrame has the potential to do either good or evil. Evil (in this case) refers to the type of cheesy or cliched effects most egregiously wrought through products like Eye Candy – remember fur? That’s not to say that PhotoFrame does not have legitimate and good professional uses. This plugin is not a replacement for good Photoshop skills and should be used with discretion.

PhotoFrame 2.5 includes five volumes of frame files. This document displays by volume a visual catalog of the frames included on the PhotoFrame CD. Frames are organized using an Extensis Portfolio catalog, named “Frame_Browser.fdb” also found on the CD. To see a full-size preview of any frame file, double-click its thumbnail in the Portfolio Catalog.
PhotoFrame lets you create frames onthe-fly using Instant Frame, PhotoFrame’s built-in frame maker, or you can select from over two thousand high-quality frames designed by rofessional artists. Frames are available on the PhotoFrame CD at the click of a button. You can import your favorite frames, or create frames from any JPEG image. You can even use frames from any Auto F/X™ Photo/Graphic Edges™ Volume. PhotoFrame lets you get creative! Use PhotoFrame’s unique effect options to modify and adjust your frame to achieve just the right effect for your image. Apply multiple edge distortions to frames from frame files or frames created with Instant Frame. Rotate, flip, resize and adjust the frame on your image, interactively. Add
borders, glows, shadows, bevels, textures and bump maps. Set the opacity, color, blend mode and blur for any effect. With PhotoFrame it’s easy to create an unlimited number of stunningly framed images—effortlessly!