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Extensis Portfolio 8 Multilingual Plus Documantation

Posted By: 4KIO

«END: It is the beginning of the end.» (Charles Maurice)

Extensis Portfolio 8 | Multilingual | Release date: 01/31/06 | 79.1 MB



Release info:

Put your files at your fingertips. With lightning-fast access to all of your files (no matter where they live), you'll never waste time hunting for an important asset. From web to print, from comps to finished work, - Portfolio's database-driven catalogs equip you with the power to effortlessly find, preview and repurpose all your files.

Extra Documentation:

Portfolio 8 Flyer (PDF) (1 MB)
....Get the facts as to why Portfolio 8 is the best solution for managing your creative assets and streamlining your workflow.
Portfolio 8 designer workflow brochure (PDF) (1.5 MB)
....Designers love eating up their valuable time chasing down comps or finding that perfect archived image in their digital haystack. Well, not so much. This brochure tells why Portfolio 8 is the perfect solution for designers looking to rid themselves of this daily headache.
Portfolio 8 photography workflow brochure (PDF) (1.9 MB)
....Photographers need a solution for managing their extensive library of digital images and making their digital workflow run like a well-oiled machine. This brochure explains why Portfolio 8 fits the bill.
Portfolio 8 Best Practices Guide (PDF) (1.5 MB)
....A straightforward guide to defining an efficient workflow, creating catalogs, organizing your files and more.
Portfolio 8 Browser Quick Start Guide (PDF) (1 MB)
....Streamlined instructions for setting up and using the Portfolio Browser
Portfolio 8 Quick Start Guide (PDF) (4 MB)
....Streamlined instructions for setting up and using your application
Portfolio 8 Sample Catalogs (PDF) (500 KB)
....Overview of the three sample catalogs that come with Portfolio 8 and are designed for use as templates.
Portfolio 8 Supported File Formats (PDF) (200 KB)
....Full list of file formats supported by Portfolio 8. (Added November 3, 2005)
Portfolio 8 User Guide (PDF) (10 MB)
....Includes detailed descriptions and procedures of all product features.
Portfolio 8 Visual Basic Guide (PDF) (820 KB)

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members of the release scene. This isn't something
to share with your school mates and not for sale.
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