Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science

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Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science

Encyclopedia of Science 2.0 is a matchless information resource for anyone in search of scientific knowledge. A stunning 3-D interface puts the entire world of science at your fingertips. From here you can navigate to dozens of articles about physics, chemistry, life sciences, and mathematics; explore 3-D models of molecules and chemical compounds; test your science savvy with the Quiz Master; and meet the scientists who have shaped our understanding of the world in the Who's Who section.

Dissolve the mysteries of chemical reactions, learn about the great thinkers and their amazing discoveries and, explore how science has advanced tremendously as each discovery becomes the building blocks for new breakthroughs. Using the innovative DK signature combination of clicking dials and gauges, twisting pipes, moving levers and switches, large spinning gyros, sliding panels, and crackling electrical currents, this program creates a living laboratory environment which students will want to explore.

From Galileo to Albert Einstein, access the "Who's Who" biographies which are laid out like a high school yearbook to introduce you to the lives of brilliant scientists and how they made their amazing discoveries. Expand your knowledge of Math, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, the Earth and the Universe and discover how various sciences are interrelated.


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