Eyewitness Virtual Reality: Bird

Posted By: biory
Eyewitness Virtual Reality: Bird

Technology meets natural history in the fascinating world of Eyewitness Virtual Reality:

Bird. Take a guided tour or simply wander around the Eyewitness Virtual Reality

museum, and you'll uncover the mysteries of the complex and intriguing world of cats:

their diversity, habitats, anatomy, and even their remarkable roles in mythology and art.

3-D Exhibits - Rotate objects to examine them from any angle. Click to zoom in for

amazing close-up views.

Interactive Consoles - Stretch your imagination with built-in activities and challenges:

You'll be learning as you play.

Museum Store - Pick you favorite image or sound from the many displayed here, and

download them for desktop use or personalized stationery.

Guided Tours - Choose an expert to show you around the museum, or create your own

tour to play back for firiends, classmates, or family.