FabulaTech USB Over Network Server v4.5.3

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FabulaTech USB Over Network Server v4.5.3

FabulaTech USB Over Network Server v4.5.3 | 4.2 Mb

Work with the remote USB devices over a local network or Internet as if they were connected directly to your local PC.
Moreover, this functionality can be easily integrated into your software.
Usually, when you need to use any USB device (like scanner, flash-memory, etc) you plug it into USB port of your computer. But for all that, the device is accessible only for the computer it is plugged into. And what if someone else needs to use the same USB device?

Common Solution

1) You can unplug USB device from your PC and give it to another user.
Disadvantages: according to different circumstances, not always there is a possibility to give USB device to another user, even for a while.

2) You can allow another user to work with that device on your PC.
Disadvantages: not always there is a possibility to allow someone else to work with that USB device on your PC (especially if another user is in the another office, city or country).

3) It is possible to purchase the same USB devices additionally.
Disadvantages: additional USB devices could be purchased but it depends on the cost of the device and quantity required.

FabulaTech Solution

FabulaTech has resolved this problem in a different extraordinary way. We've created USB over Network which allows working with remote USB devices over a local network or Internet.

All you have to do is to install USB over Network Server on the PC where USB devices are plugged in. USB over Network Client must be installed on the PCs you want to give access to those very USB devices you've already plugged in. That's all.


John, Nancy and Richard need to work with expensive and massive USB slide scanner from time to time.

The scanner is plugged into Richard's PC. And every time when Nancy or John needs to work with this scanner, they occupy Richard's computer and keep him from doing his job.

To resolve this problem USB over Network Server was installed on Richard's PC. And USB over Network Client was installed on both Nancy's and John's computers.

Richard shared USB slide scanner for common use. As soon as Nancy or John needs to work with the scanner, they can access it remotely, using USB over Network Client. They work as if the scanner was connected directly to their local computers.

FabulaTech Solution Benefits

Benefits of such solution are obvious:
  • There is no need to move USB devices from one computer to another or occupy others' PCs to work with USB device.
  • You can save your money considerably. There is no need to buy additional expensive equipment.
  • USB over Network Client is free software. You can purchase the license of USB over Network Server, install it on PC where USB device is plugged in and any user with USB over Network Client installed will be able to work with that USB device.
Target Groups

FabulaTech's solution is ideal for:
  • Enterprises, for industrial automation purposes.
  • Corporations, because devices from one office can be easily accessed from another office.
  • IT integrators, for reducing cost of the whole project.
  • Small Office Home Office (SOHO), for saving money because there is no need to buy additional devices.
  • Educational organizations, in cases when some employees or students need to use the same specific equipment.
  • Allows working with remote USB devices as with local ones
  • Unlimited USB devices can be shared on server
  • Unlimited USB devices can be accessed from client
  • Wide variety of USB devices is supported
  • Auto-sharing of new USB devices
  • Auto-sharing exclude list
  • Auto-connecting of USB devices which got shared on the server
  • USB devices safe removal is supported
  • USB v1.1 and USB v2.0 compatible
  • Hardware Universal Serial Bus controllers compatible
  • Hyper-Threading Technology compatible
  • Multiprocessor platforms compatible
  • True Plug-and-Play
  • User-friendly program interface
  • Hot USB devices sharing/unsharing (without computer reboot)
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