[Rapid & Oxyshare] FarPoint Button/Calendar/Input/Spread/etc.

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[Rapid & Oxyshare] FarPoint Button/Calendar/Input/Spread/etc.

FarPoint Button/Calendar/Input/Spread/etc.(last versions)

Use FarPoint's Spread 6 to easily incorporate advanced grid and high-level spreadsheet features into your applications. You get unmatched flexibility at the cell level for maximum control over the display and entry of the data, plenty of events to respond to user changes and an impressive feature list for everything in between; including import/export capabilities, enhanced printing, 13 cell types, formulas, plus many more features you'd expect from the market-leading component.

Easily create professional data-entry screens using FarPoint's Input Pro's eight custom controls. Take advantage of the six formatted edit controls to quickly validate data and alert your user as they enter information or as the application programmatically assigns or edits values. Use the boolean control to display a check box, option button, or custom true/false/grayed value appearance. Use the memo control to display large amounts of text, even those greater than 64K

Tab Pro contains the most flexible tab control available. Named "the tab control of choice" in a national review and used by developers around the world, Tab Pro is the easiest and quickest way to enhance your application's appearance using a tab metaphor. Whether taking advantage of its eight pre-defined appearance styles or dynamically changing the tab's appearance in response to your user, Tab Pro gives you the most comprehensive tab feature set to customize any application. 5.32 MB 5.46 MB 12.61 MB 12.21 MB 5.41 MB 5.85 MB 5.82 MB 4.81 MB 4.71 MB 14.16 MB 8.69 MB 7.23 MB 7.73 MB 7.80 MB 8.13 MB 8.19 MB 13.04 MB 14.82 MB 14.78 MB 15.06 MB 15.14 MB 3.78 MB 4.50 MB 3.74 MB

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