Farstone GameDrive ver. 10.0

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Farstone GameDrive ver. 10.0

Farstone GameDrive ver. 10.0 | 31,9 MB

GameDrive 10 CD/DVD emulator converts your PC games into “virtual CDs” — MP3-like files that run directly on a hard drive. Play a your PC game without the physical disc! — simply click on a desktop icon to launch a “virtual disc” with access rates up to 200 times faster.

GameDrive lets you archive your virtual CDs in a searchable library, transport them on a laptop computer, and share them over a network. You can pre-load up to 23 "virtual drives," swapping out virtual discs via hot keys.
FarStone’s entry-level CD/DVD emulator is designed specifically for PC gamers, and offers some of the best PC game support in the industry. Optional Live Update service (free for the first year) ensures up-to-date title support and product patches.

GameDrive copies an entire CD or DVD as a compressed disc image file, or virtual CD, which contains a driver that fools Windows into treating it as if it were a physical CD running in a CD-ROM drive. In Windows Explorer, a virtual disc shows up as a drive letter. GameDrive lets you create up to 23 virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives and an unlimited number of virtual CDs and DVDs. You can configure as many virtual drives as you have available drive letters and run multiple virtual CDs simultaneously.

Features & Benefits:
- 64-bit AND 32-bit Support: GameDrive 10 will work on either 64- or 32-bit versions of Windows 2000 and XP
- PC Game Compatibility: Supported titles include PainkilleR, Quake4, Doom, Unreal2004, Madden 2006, Dungeon Siege, Sacred Gold, and Advent Rising
- Optimal Performance: Run files directly on the hard drive. Read times are faster, and there’s no spin-up delay!
- Disc Backup: Protect your CDs and DVDs from loss, theft, and damage by using high-quality disc images instead
- CD/DVD Archiving: Organize your virtual disc library in a searchable, browsable interface
- Multiple Disc Play: Pre-load up to 23 virtual discs. Toggle back and forth between games or volumes without having to wait for physical discs to spin up
- Portability and Convenience: Transport your virtual CDs on a laptop, an external hard drive, and other common digital storage media