Farstone RestoreIT Pro ver. 7.12.06

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Farstone RestoreIT Pro ver. 7.12.06

Farstone RestoreIT Pro ver. 7.12.06 | 75 MB

RestoreIT Pro combines the “set and forget” data backup of RestoreIT with the hard disk cloning of DriveClone. This makes for a powerful but user-friendly data backup solution that enables recovery from virtually any kind of data disaster, including hard drive failure.

RestoreIT automatically backs up all files on your computer to a protected partition on your hard drive. After a virus attack, a Windows crash, or a software installation gone wrong, RestoreIT will return your system to normal, even when Windows does not boot. RestoreIT also lets you to store a complete snapshot of your C: drive to a networks share or to an external USB hard drive.

DriveClone saves a complete copy of your hard drive to CD, DVD, or to a USB external hard drive. This 1:1 copy lets you quickly recover, replace, or upgrade your hard drive in case of any catastrophic data disaster. Your files, settings, and installed software will appear exactly as they were when you created the cloned image.

Features & Benefits:
* Ease of Use
One-click recovery restores your system in seconds
* Flexible Backup
Back up your hard drive to a protected local partition, a network drive, a USB device, or to CD or DVD. Clone hard drives that are different in size, format, or brand
* Automatic, Ongoing Backup
Automatically back up your entire system every hour, every day, every week, or at other intervals of your choice
* 1:1 External Backup
Store a bootable image on a USB hard drive, or use the built-in CD/DVD burner to create an exact copy of your hard drive on disc
* Imaging across Multiple Hard Drives
Clone a single disk image across multiple computers to eliminate the time-consuming process of reinstalling operating systems and hardware drivers
* File-Level Recovery
Preview and restore personal files — digital photos, Word® documents, MP3s, etc. — without affecting other files on your system
* Total System Recovery
Restore an operating system damaged by corrupt software, human error, a virus attack, or a software bug
* Pre-Windows Recovery
Since it loads before Windows, RestoreIT Pro will run when the rest of your system doesn’t!
* Unlimited Incremental Backup Points
The number of saved restore points is restricted only by available disk space
* Small Disk Space Requirement
Image compression and incremental backup technology mean that RestoreIT Pro takes up just a small portion of hard drive space on most computers
* CD/DVD Burning
Create a bootable disc to protect your system from catastrophic failure, or save a clone image to CD/DVD
* Password Protection
Restrict user access to RestoreIT Pro; lock your computer at the DOS level
* RAID 0/1 Support
RestoreIT Pro supports hardware RAID 0 and 1