FastFolders ver. 3.3.0 (Retail)

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FastFolders ver. 3.3.0 (Retail)

FastFolders ver. 3.3.0 (Retail)

FastFolders ver. 3.3.0 (Retail) | 1,13 Mb
(1,517,442,191 Days DEMO)


To use FastFolders, open the context menu of any shell object ("My Computer", "Network Neighborhood", a drive, folder or file, etc.) by right-clicking it. When you move the mouse pointer over the FastFolders menu item, a submenu opens which displays the contents of the selected object. To open any object, simply click the menu item with the left mouse button. To access the context menu of the object, click the right mouse button on the item. Pressing CTRL while clicking a menu item opens the parent folder instead of the object.

CLICKING THE FASTFOLDERS MENU ITEM ITSELF OPENS THE FASTFOLDERS OPTIONS DIALOG, which allows you to customize many options of FastFolders, including a filter for the file extensions to display.

The FastFolders item of the context menu of the "Start" button in the Taskbar contains all items of the Desktop. This allows quick access to all objects on the Desktop.

The usual keyboard navigation for menus also works with the FastFolders menus.

Folder size:
To activate the "Details" view column "Total Size", right-click the column header of an explorer window (which must be in "Details" view) and switch on the check mark of the item "Total Size". If this item is not included in the menu, you can find it in the full list of available items which is displayed when you select "More…" from the menu. This feature is only supported by Windows ME, 2000, XP or higher!


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