Portable FreeHand MXa 11.0.2

Posted By: mikicun
Portable FreeHand MXa 11.0.2
Portable FreeHand MXa 11.0.2

Create illustration and layout for print and web
Use FreeHand MX for creative design, storyboarding, multipage document production, and editing with an unparalleled set of creative design tools. Easily repurpose your designs for print, the Internet, or Macromedia Flash.

FreeHand MX Top Features
Multiple Attributes
Apply unlimited stroke, fill, and effect attributes to a single vector or text object.
Action Tool
Drag and drop complex Macromedia Flash actions between objects, symbols, and pages.
Connector Lines Tool
Quickly map information architecture, data flows, and site maps.

download: 15.3mb