File Lock ver. 6.1.3

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File Lock ver. 6.1.3

File Lock ver. 6.1.3 | 2.02 MB

File Lock is a security software that can lock and/or hide your files, folders and drives. It can deny access to any of your files, folders or drives. File Lock also supports to hide files and folders, to make them to be completely invisible. The locked items will be denied access, move and deletion, the hidden items will be totally invisible to any program include Windows Explorer.

File Lock supports multiple user accounts, supports to launch a trusted program, and the protection will be enabled even under Windows Safe Mode.

File Lock also can be used to lock your CD/DVD drives.

Protects your private files and folders.

Lock files, folders, drives on your computer. The locked files/folders are protected from accessing, users can not open, read, modify, move, delete, copy, rename the protected files/folders.

Hide files, hide folders. Once you hide a file or folder, the file or folder will be totally invisible to users.

Lock a drive. If you lock a drive, then the whole drive will be inaccessiable to users. Files/folders on the drive will all be protected.

Lock CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. If you lock a drive that is the CD/DVD-Rom, then not only the current CD/DVD in the CD/DVD-Rom is protected, but also the new inserted CD/DVD will be automatically protected. Thus, locking CD/DVD-Rom will make your CD/DVD-Rom inaccessible to users, not only the disc in the CD/DVD-Rom.

The sub-folders and files in the protected folders are also protected, as well as the files/folders on a protected drive are all protected.

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