FileSplit 2.34.424

Posted By: graphh
FileSplit 2.34.424

FileSplit 2.34.424 | 0.23 MB

FileSplit is an award winning application to split large files into small, manageable files that can be more easily copied to diskettes and sent by mail.

Fast, small, and easy to use.
File splitting and merging from the Explorer shortcut menu.
Preserves all file information including file time, date, and attributes.
Calculates CRC signature to detect file corruption.
Multiple files can be split at one time.
Ability to create ZIP files, which can be extracted with the Self-Merger.
New Self-Merging/Extracting option so files can be merged without FileSplit and still be just as easy to merge.
This option replaces the batch file option.


Enjoy !