FireBurner ver. 2.2.1

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FireBurner ver. 2.2.1

FireBurner ver. 2.2.1
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FireBurner is a compact yet full-featured CD-R/W burning software package used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world! This software allows users to easily burn custom data, audio or mixed mode CD's. It can burn audio tracks from MP3 files with its on the fly decoding support.

Key features:
Compact, standalone EXE
Optimized for speed
Simple to use
Extremely stable and efficient burning core
Burn data, audio and mixed mode CD's
Create audio CD's from MP3's with on the fly decoding!
No need to convert MP3's to WAV's prior to burning.
Burns Cue/Bin disc image files
Burns ISO, WAV, and raw PCM audio track image files
Famous BINChunker functions allows extraction of tracks from Bin/Cue disc images
Scan disc and track image files for corruption via speed optimized ECC/EDC error checking
Records via Disk-at-Once 96 (DAO96), Session-at-Once (SAO), Disk-at-Once 16 (DAO16) or Track-at-Once (TAO)
Supports BURN Proof
Intelligent code that communicates with your IDE or SCSI recording devices
via any ASPI interface without the need for bulky drive databases
Lists detailed information about the status and capabilities of your devices
FireBurner contains no trojans or self-destructing code!
FireBurner will never purposely make a coaster!

Free of password!

FireBurner 2.2.1