Fitness Assistant

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Fitness Assistant

Fitness Assistant | 3,9 Mb

Fitness Assistant is an all-in-one nutrition software and training software. Count calories. Track workouts, sports and activities. Record your weight, body fat percentage and measurements. Keep an eye on your recovery. See charts of your progress. Share recipes, menus, workouts and so much more…

Fitness Assistant monitors your calorie intake and bodyweight to learn your real calorie expenditure. You can now control the two sides of your diet success - calorie intake and calorie expenditure. Fitness Assistant knows how calorie expenditure changes when you lose or gain weight. It is the only nutrition software to make the right changes in your plan as they happen. Our comprehensive calorie counter considers a long list of factors to make your nutrition plan accurate: your weight, height, age, sex, body fat %, set-point factor and calorie intake and restriction factor.

Fitness Assistant is the training software that can do it all. Track weights, sets, reps, volume, number of lifts, intensity, density, tempo, time under tension, running. Log interval workouts, circuit workouts and density workouts. Build complete training cycles in workout templates.