Dreamweaver Extensions (Felixone,JustSo,Kaosweaver,Neonix,Yaromat)

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Dreamweaver Extensions (Felixone,JustSo,Kaosweaver,Neonix,Yaromat)

Dreamweaver Extensions (Felixone,JustSo,Kaosweaver,Neonix,Yaromat)

1. Felixone - some free extensions

2. Justso Photo Album 3 v1.4.9 retail

Create an online Photo Album without the need to
create a separate page for each image, and without ASP
or other server-side processing. This command
automatically creates thumbnail images for you and
displays them on your own page, with each thumbnail
having a (Safari compatible!) JustSo Picture Window3
behavior attached - to popup the fullsize version of
your image.

3. Justso Picture Window 3 v1.1.49 retail

Like its predecessor, JSPW2 assesses the user's
monitor resolution and then pops up your image resized
as needed to be certain it always fits on-screen
without scroll bars (unless you opt for scrollbars!).

4. Kaosweaver - some free extensions

5. Kaosweaver Augwa PHP v1.0.0 retail

This extension will take a database and populate a dynamic HTML image
gallery. The features include: Gallery elements individually setup on the
page, Main image popup with multiple options, caption text for the main
image can include full HTML styling, works with templates, elements can be
placed anywhere on the page(NN v4.x won't support elements in layers),
instructions include details on making web based administration pages, and
super easy setup and use - with a populated database, you can be on the web
in minutes.

6. Kaosweaver Continuous Scroller v1.02

Continual Scroller is a quick javascript solution to provide a unique
scroller which doesn't end and doesn't require a Flash plug in to
accomplish the effect either.

7. Kaosweaver inTensa Design Library v1.6.0 retail

inTensa Design Gallery is the foremost professional development tool for
displaying photographic galleries in Dreamweaver and Ultradev. inTensa, a
term from latin that is the vehicle on which the people paraded their
images of the gods on, can do everything seen in the galleries without the
need for extra extensions.

8. Neonix Directory List Links v1.0.5

Neonix Directory List Links is a Dreamweaver Extension that inserts a list
of links to every file in a given directory- very useful for those who
want to share numerous media files such as images or mp3's. In addition to
the links, this extension also takes a look at the file type and can
automatically insert a representative 16x16 pixel icon before each link (a
user-defined option).

9. NeonixRemove Orphans v1.0.4

Neonix Remove Orphans is a Dreamweaver Extension that removes orphaned
files from a site.

10. Neonix Site Tools Pro v1.2.9

Neonix Site Tools Pro is a Dreamweaver Extension that gives the user the
ability to search for specific kinds of files within a site, select them,
then perform an "action" on them - all from one interface. An "action"
ranges from deleting a file, to checking out files or converting files to

11. Neonix TD Rollover v2.0.3

Neonix TD Rollover is a Dreamweaver Extension that lets you apply
rollovers to table cells (<td>). Useful when you want to create a toolbar
where each link is in a table cell (like the navigation on our site) and
you want to have the table cell's background color change when you
mouseover it. No need to mess around with HTML, JavaScript or CSS….
Neonix TD Rollover does everything for you!

12. Neonix Toggle Content v1.4.6

Neonix Toggle Content is a Dreamweaver Extension lets you hide/show
in-line content in your web page. No need to fuss over JavaScript or
getting your hands dirty with source code or style sheets, this extensions
lets you add/manage this functionality via a nice and simple interface!

13. Neonix TR Rollover v1.0.2

Neonix TR Rollover is a Dreamweaver Extensions that lets you apply
rollovers to entire table rows (<tr>). Useful for product tables with
multiple columns of data such as can be found on our Extensions Home page.
Neonix TR Rollover will facilitate adding rollovers to your table rows as
well as manage all the tables in your page that contain rows with TR

14. Yaromat - some free extensions

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